Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Kiersi's stuff from Santa!
Jackson's stuff from Santa! I know, a lame carseat but come on, he is 7 months and didn't even wake up to open the presents, kiersi opened them all=) and he is going to need this carseat anyway so we decided what better than to get it for Christmas!

Kiersi's "dollies" this is the ONLY thing she asked Santa for and that is the only thing Santa didn't all ready have for her! I guess he found some=) and she LOVES THEM! she didn't even see the scooter that they were sitting on! she just said "my dollies" and took them off of the way cool scooter that I thought she would freak out over! she did later=)

she is inside her new snoopy dirty clothes hamper! she thought that was the coolest thing ever once I told her what it was for! and sure enough when she takes her clothes off at night she puts them right inside snoopy! its great!
The only picture we got of Jackson Christmas morning! his mean mom woke him up at like 7:30 but by then Kiersi had most of them opened! we do have video of him opening some though!

This is Kiersi's "pillow pet sleeping bag" it is so much better than the real pillow pet cause its got the sleeping bag rolled up inside and then its also a pillow! she loves it! And as you can see so doe Jackson! they got these from my parents! but I picked them out=)

isn't he just the cutest little boy ever!!!!!!!!

Kiersi with her dollies in her pillow pet pag=)

HER SCOOTER, or as she calls it her motorcycle! she has so much riding this! she is just not quite sure about going backwards! I'm excited for it to be warm for her to ride it outside!


Temple Square!! she has many different smiles! we didn't take any of Jackson cause he was asleep in his carseat and it was too cold to unwrap him!=( he was there though and cute too!=)

isn't she so stinkin cute!

Kiersi saw Santa twice this year and loved him both times!!! the funny thing is both on the same day so she is in the same outfit! the other funny thing is that she has the same hat on in LAST YEARS picture with santa! just goes to show that she hasn't really even grown much!! =)
Jackson just liked to pull his beard! he didn't even cry!

Devin's brother Brandt got married just recently and this is Kiersi in her dress!
and Jackson in his tie! he sure did look handsome! look at the size of the two of them, yes, almost the exact same size, its funnny! Kiersi just has him in length!
Not a super good copy cause this is me taking a picture of the picture! but, I needed a copy and didn't want to buy the stupid cd for $100 so this is what we get to put online=) I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween and Kiersi's first clogging competition

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I don't have a picture of Jackson's costume on my camera! I know, horrible mom,but my sister in-law took one and I can't seem to save it on my computer so that one will come! the bottomtwo pictures on here with Kiersi in a blue skirt was her first cloggng competition! she actally did her freesyle!! I was soooo proud of her! she got 1st place and got her medal, she was soooo excited to get a medal, thats the only reason she did it, I told her if she didn't do it she wouldn't get her medal=)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kiersi's funnies =)

OK, so I never remember to write down the funny things that Kiersi says, but here are a few from the last couple days!

*There is a little girl Jessica in our neighborhood that goes to kindergarten, and the school bus stop is the corner at our house. Kiersi always hears the bus and has to run and look out the window. Well one day she says "mom, I wanna go to school with Jessica." I told her that she isn't old enough and that she had to be five years old. well, just a minute or two after that she said, "mom, my hand is big now, holding up five fingers, I can go to school with Jessica now" she figured that since she had five fingers her hands were big enough and she could go to school! I laughed pretty hard and told her she is only 2 and that she had to be 5 years old, not just have five big fingers=)
*Today while eating lunch, which always takes her FOREVER, I told her to just take a bite and eat her lunch! she just looked at me and said "I don't have time" Then just a little bit later, still eating I again told her to take a bite and she looked at her noodle on her fork and said "let me think about it!"
*While playing with her friend Alex she told him " Alex, don't worry about it" I can't remember what they were doing, I jsut remember hearing her say that over and over! =)
*Last night I went to a recipe group and Devin said she asked to hold Jackson( who weighs almost as much as she does=) Devin put him on her lap and she said "Jackson you are heavy" kinda grunting as she said it!
*Today while teaching preschool, we were doing show and tell and it was a little boys turn named Coleman, well he wasn't listening so I said his name kinda singing it, and Kiersi looked at me and said "mom, not Coleman(singing it) just Coleman"
She is talking so much lately sometimes I have her to just stop talking and go play =) She says so many funny things I just can't remember them lately, I need to write them down as soon as she says them so I can remember cause I know there is a lot more that she has said lately!
I sure love her and she is getting so smart and even more funny as the days go!
Jackson on the other hand is just getting bigger and bigger and loves to jump when I hold him and he loves to lay on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, and just scream, a happy scream that is! I am pretty sure he is seeing angels and they are telling him jokes cause he is just so happy doing it!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jackson 4 months!

4 months old means FOOD!! but as you can tell he doesn't really like it much! and 2 weeks later he still isn't really sure! The doc said you can basically start them on fruits and veggies first, skip rice cereal, no nutrition, and then go right into the rest of the foods! so far I have given him sweet potatoes and squash, not so sure about either, but we are trying! I thought for sure he would just go crazy for it since he wants to eat like every 5 minutes, but not so much, soon though, he just needs to get used to it!!
(see his 4 months stats below)
Here are some pictures of the last couple weeks!

Kiersi and her cousin Ethan at the zoo!

more cousins, Levi, Kiersi, Dakota, Colton, and Ethan.

Kiersi found this at my neice D'laina's house, she thought she was so big to ride this!

Jackson(right) and Brock(D'laina's-left, just incase you didn't know=) Brock is 4 weeks YOUNGER than Jackson! would you even guess!
what cute boys! they will be best-est friends!!

Wow, 4 months has gone by fast, yet so slow!=) I thought for sure when I took Jackson in for his 4 month well visit the doc. would tell me he is huge=) but his stats are:
weight: 14lbs 12 oz--50%
hight:25inches 50%
head:17 1/4 inches 75%
My little guy is an average little thing! I am compairing him to his sister that to this day is still not on the charts for her weight, so compaired to her he is huge! he is 15 lbs and she at 2 1/2 is 21 lbs, so he is going to catch her before to long! but I sure do love both of them, well most days=)
lately they are both driving me crazy! I asked Devin the other morning if I could call in sick being a mom cause I didn't feel good and I was tired, he said good luck with that=) I am greatful to be a mom though, I wouldn't trade it for anything, some days are just hard and I'm just tired. I teach preschool in the mornings, teach dance Wed. and Thurs. afternoons, and also on Wed and Thurs for 4 to 5 hours I watch Alex, my neighbor's little boy, and boy is he full of energy. He is Kiersi's best-est little friend though and we sure love him! I know its not a lot but when I have 2 high maintainance kids my self I am exhausted by the end of the day! 2 kids is definatly plenty for me right now!=) I don't know how people do lots of kids, maybe when Kiersi is older it may be easier! ok, sorry, enough whining! I LOVE MY KIDS!=)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


OK, so this is just a lot of random pictures throughout the last couple months!
This one is at Sea World, Kiersi is starting to like Elmo but of course when she goes to have a picture with him she freaks, so I had to go with her! Lately she is not taking naps, either I'm just out and about or she wakes up to late and isn't tired until later, so this is the result of not taking a nap!=)
Uncle Jason bought her this bike like last summer(yeah he spoils her, he bought her a trampoline a little bit ago too) well, she is finally tall enough to ride this bike and she LOVES it and so does her best little friend Alex. Alex's mom finally gave in a bought him a bike and helmet so then Kiersi had to have one, which is a good thing, just haven't got around to buying her one! she sure looks cute though! a little big cause she has a TINY head, but it works!
Back in San Diego at the beach. the water was FREEZING so we didn't get in but Kiersi liked to play in the sand!
Jackson is now 3 months old, holy cow where does the time go! this is his new bumbo chair. he was watching me as I unloaded the dishwasher!=) I love his arm, he is "just chillin" =)
Kiersi LOVES her little brother. whenever I take a picture of him she has to get in!
He has the CUTEST little smile but whenever I put the camera in front of him he goes somber, little turd but this is one I was able to get, really the ONLY one I can get!! He is STINKIN cute!

This is Brock(left) and Jackson(right) Brock is my neices little one that was born exactly 4 weeks after Jackson. they are about the same size=)
Jackson's blessing day!

I can't remember how old he is exactly but maybe one month!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

kiersi is NOT a beautician!

SO KIERSI AND KIERA, HER 3YR OLD COUSIN DECIDED TO PLAY BEAUTICIAN TODAY! NOT SO MUCH A GOOD IDEA! I went upstairs to put some clothes away and then Jackson got crying and I went to make him a bottle when Kiersi came up and said "mom cut hair" I don't think I have yelled that loud in my whole life, I let her and Kiera have it! then I cried and yelled some more! I instantly called Amber, Devin's sister who cuts hair and she came over and this is the end result! I am still not happy about it and when I look at her I still cry! her hair was just getting so long and pretty and I could do pigtails! but I guess all little girls have to do this right??? Kiera just got her bangs and you can't even tell that it was cut, Amber just blended it in and it looks fine, Kiersi on the other hand!!!


Hopefully it grows fast casue I really wanted to do family pictures with Jackson, now it may have to wait a little longer!