Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kiersi's funnies =)

OK, so I never remember to write down the funny things that Kiersi says, but here are a few from the last couple days!

*There is a little girl Jessica in our neighborhood that goes to kindergarten, and the school bus stop is the corner at our house. Kiersi always hears the bus and has to run and look out the window. Well one day she says "mom, I wanna go to school with Jessica." I told her that she isn't old enough and that she had to be five years old. well, just a minute or two after that she said, "mom, my hand is big now, holding up five fingers, I can go to school with Jessica now" she figured that since she had five fingers her hands were big enough and she could go to school! I laughed pretty hard and told her she is only 2 and that she had to be 5 years old, not just have five big fingers=)
*Today while eating lunch, which always takes her FOREVER, I told her to just take a bite and eat her lunch! she just looked at me and said "I don't have time" Then just a little bit later, still eating I again told her to take a bite and she looked at her noodle on her fork and said "let me think about it!"
*While playing with her friend Alex she told him " Alex, don't worry about it" I can't remember what they were doing, I jsut remember hearing her say that over and over! =)
*Last night I went to a recipe group and Devin said she asked to hold Jackson( who weighs almost as much as she does=) Devin put him on her lap and she said "Jackson you are heavy" kinda grunting as she said it!
*Today while teaching preschool, we were doing show and tell and it was a little boys turn named Coleman, well he wasn't listening so I said his name kinda singing it, and Kiersi looked at me and said "mom, not Coleman(singing it) just Coleman"
She is talking so much lately sometimes I have her to just stop talking and go play =) She says so many funny things I just can't remember them lately, I need to write them down as soon as she says them so I can remember cause I know there is a lot more that she has said lately!
I sure love her and she is getting so smart and even more funny as the days go!
Jackson on the other hand is just getting bigger and bigger and loves to jump when I hold him and he loves to lay on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, and just scream, a happy scream that is! I am pretty sure he is seeing angels and they are telling him jokes cause he is just so happy doing it!

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