Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Kiersi's stuff from Santa!
Jackson's stuff from Santa! I know, a lame carseat but come on, he is 7 months and didn't even wake up to open the presents, kiersi opened them all=) and he is going to need this carseat anyway so we decided what better than to get it for Christmas!

Kiersi's "dollies" this is the ONLY thing she asked Santa for and that is the only thing Santa didn't all ready have for her! I guess he found some=) and she LOVES THEM! she didn't even see the scooter that they were sitting on! she just said "my dollies" and took them off of the way cool scooter that I thought she would freak out over! she did later=)

she is inside her new snoopy dirty clothes hamper! she thought that was the coolest thing ever once I told her what it was for! and sure enough when she takes her clothes off at night she puts them right inside snoopy! its great!
The only picture we got of Jackson Christmas morning! his mean mom woke him up at like 7:30 but by then Kiersi had most of them opened! we do have video of him opening some though!

This is Kiersi's "pillow pet sleeping bag" it is so much better than the real pillow pet cause its got the sleeping bag rolled up inside and then its also a pillow! she loves it! And as you can see so doe Jackson! they got these from my parents! but I picked them out=)

isn't he just the cutest little boy ever!!!!!!!!

Kiersi with her dollies in her pillow pet pag=)

HER SCOOTER, or as she calls it her motorcycle! she has so much riding this! she is just not quite sure about going backwards! I'm excited for it to be warm for her to ride it outside!

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Mike and Michelle said...

so cute! Looks like a great Christmas! I love the scooter. McKay has a 4 wheeler and both McKay and Emma LOVE it!