Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween and Kiersi's first clogging competition

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I don't have a picture of Jackson's costume on my camera! I know, horrible mom,but my sister in-law took one and I can't seem to save it on my computer so that one will come! the bottomtwo pictures on here with Kiersi in a blue skirt was her first cloggng competition! she actally did her freesyle!! I was soooo proud of her! she got 1st place and got her medal, she was soooo excited to get a medal, thats the only reason she did it, I told her if she didn't do it she wouldn't get her medal=)


Jessica Draudt said...

Cami, I don't know if you remember me but I used to clog with you. Your kids are so cute! I love that you little girl is clogging already.

Send me your email and I'll invite you to my blog

~Emily~ said...

Hey cute lady,

Your kiddos are SO stinkin' cute, I can't even handle it!!

Thanks for your sweet comments...lots of chocolate & ice cream were definitely consumed this weekend ;)

I would LOVE if we got together. I am free tomorrow or any time after the Thanksgiving weekend...just let me know the best way to get a hold of you :)

Mandi said...

so so cute! I can't believe Kiersi is old enough to clog already. Love it!