Monday, October 4, 2010

Jackson 4 months!

4 months old means FOOD!! but as you can tell he doesn't really like it much! and 2 weeks later he still isn't really sure! The doc said you can basically start them on fruits and veggies first, skip rice cereal, no nutrition, and then go right into the rest of the foods! so far I have given him sweet potatoes and squash, not so sure about either, but we are trying! I thought for sure he would just go crazy for it since he wants to eat like every 5 minutes, but not so much, soon though, he just needs to get used to it!!
(see his 4 months stats below)
Here are some pictures of the last couple weeks!

Kiersi and her cousin Ethan at the zoo!

more cousins, Levi, Kiersi, Dakota, Colton, and Ethan.

Kiersi found this at my neice D'laina's house, she thought she was so big to ride this!

Jackson(right) and Brock(D'laina's-left, just incase you didn't know=) Brock is 4 weeks YOUNGER than Jackson! would you even guess!
what cute boys! they will be best-est friends!!

Wow, 4 months has gone by fast, yet so slow!=) I thought for sure when I took Jackson in for his 4 month well visit the doc. would tell me he is huge=) but his stats are:
weight: 14lbs 12 oz--50%
hight:25inches 50%
head:17 1/4 inches 75%
My little guy is an average little thing! I am compairing him to his sister that to this day is still not on the charts for her weight, so compaired to her he is huge! he is 15 lbs and she at 2 1/2 is 21 lbs, so he is going to catch her before to long! but I sure do love both of them, well most days=)
lately they are both driving me crazy! I asked Devin the other morning if I could call in sick being a mom cause I didn't feel good and I was tired, he said good luck with that=) I am greatful to be a mom though, I wouldn't trade it for anything, some days are just hard and I'm just tired. I teach preschool in the mornings, teach dance Wed. and Thurs. afternoons, and also on Wed and Thurs for 4 to 5 hours I watch Alex, my neighbor's little boy, and boy is he full of energy. He is Kiersi's best-est little friend though and we sure love him! I know its not a lot but when I have 2 high maintainance kids my self I am exhausted by the end of the day! 2 kids is definatly plenty for me right now!=) I don't know how people do lots of kids, maybe when Kiersi is older it may be easier! ok, sorry, enough whining! I LOVE MY KIDS!=)


Mike and Michelle said...

So cute! Your kids are adorable! I agree, I don't know how anyone has more than 2 kids EVER! I feel so overwhelmed sometimes!

D'Laina said...

Cute! That face of Jackson eating I swear is just like Brocks haha so funny! Kiersi is way funny all the things they say I wrote down a bunch of Eth's I love to go back and read them!


jackson looks like Devin :)