Wednesday, August 25, 2010


OK, so this is just a lot of random pictures throughout the last couple months!
This one is at Sea World, Kiersi is starting to like Elmo but of course when she goes to have a picture with him she freaks, so I had to go with her! Lately she is not taking naps, either I'm just out and about or she wakes up to late and isn't tired until later, so this is the result of not taking a nap!=)
Uncle Jason bought her this bike like last summer(yeah he spoils her, he bought her a trampoline a little bit ago too) well, she is finally tall enough to ride this bike and she LOVES it and so does her best little friend Alex. Alex's mom finally gave in a bought him a bike and helmet so then Kiersi had to have one, which is a good thing, just haven't got around to buying her one! she sure looks cute though! a little big cause she has a TINY head, but it works!
Back in San Diego at the beach. the water was FREEZING so we didn't get in but Kiersi liked to play in the sand!
Jackson is now 3 months old, holy cow where does the time go! this is his new bumbo chair. he was watching me as I unloaded the dishwasher!=) I love his arm, he is "just chillin" =)
Kiersi LOVES her little brother. whenever I take a picture of him she has to get in!
He has the CUTEST little smile but whenever I put the camera in front of him he goes somber, little turd but this is one I was able to get, really the ONLY one I can get!! He is STINKIN cute!

This is Brock(left) and Jackson(right) Brock is my neices little one that was born exactly 4 weeks after Jackson. they are about the same size=)
Jackson's blessing day!

I can't remember how old he is exactly but maybe one month!


Kristy Rogers said...

Cute pictures! I love to stay updated with your cute family!

Heidi said...

Super cute! :)

Mandi said...

So Cute!!!

Michael, Dlaina & Ethan Lindsay said...

Super cute! I wanna go back to sea world so bad, maybe next summer :) we should go together! They are growing up so fast I wanna buy Brock one of those chairs they look cool! Prob another month then I will! We will have to take another pic of the boys when you come up for his blessing!


your family is so beautiful :)
saludos a Devin

Mike and Michelle said...

It's fun to see pictures of your little ones! So much for getting together! Maybe someday!