Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kiersi 18 months stats!/ family pics

These pictures were taken at my sister in laws reception, and my neice Heidi took them, she did awesome!! I love them!
Kiersi being silly!
Kiersi and Mommy!
So on Monday I took Kiersi to the doc. for her 18 month checkup and here are her stats:
17 lbs. 13 oz--- NO PERCENT AT ALL!!
Height---31 inches. 25-30 percential
head---17 1/2 inches-- 5 Percintal

My little girl is just as tiny as they come!! Last winter I went to Park City and bought a TON of winter clothes on sale and bought 18 and 24 months stuff, well THEY DON'T FIT!!!! I took them to my sister Jolynne's house yesterday and we had to put everysingle item on her so that Jolynne could adjust and take in and shorten etc. them all. So thankfully now she has clothes that fit her for the most part. Only one pair of pants couldn't be fixed, they were to decorative so I have no doubt she will fit into them next winter! =) THANKS JO!!!! I guess I need to learn to sew!
I love my baby girl and am so greatful to have her in my home, she is beautiful and I couldn' t have asked for a better little girl, although stubborn and all ready hitting the terrible 2's I love her more than I could have ever imagined!! I am blessed to be a mom and to be able to take care of my family!


~Emily~ said...

Ms. Cami! Your daughter is a total cutie but heck, you're seriously just the cutest lil MOM!! Your family pics did turn out super darling.

Michael, Dlaina & Ethan Lindsay said...

way cute she is so little. Eth is 2 1/2 and he is wearing all 18-24 mos clothes this winter haha guess we both have little kids...your's is just super little!