Thursday, September 24, 2009

I choose to do this why??

So I started preschool a couple weeks ago, which I love doing and enjoy having a little extra money to actually do stuff with =) But my 3 year old class is, well lets just say, NUTS!!! I have never had a 3 year old class this hard! I am exhausted after class every time! I feel like I am always yelling, well not yelling just being a little firm;) and these 3 year olds CAN NOT do ONE THING, they can't cut(its like they don't even know what scissors are) they can't follow directions, I tell them to do something and they look at me like I am a RETARD! I've done 3 yr. olds before and they at least knew a little bit and most of them by the 3rd or 4th week were fabulous with everything, not this class, I don't know that they will EVER get it. So, needless to say I'm telling myself I will NEVER do 3 yr. olds again, even though I most likely will =)
Anyway, I just needed to vent and if anyone has some advice for me you are more than welcome to send it my way! =)


Mike and Michelle said...

I have no good advice. All I have to say is GOOD LUCK! McKay turns 3 in December and I don't know how to handle him and he's my own!

Darin & Emily said...

Well, I would say welcome to 3 yr olds! Madelynn I think is advanced for 3 but I think it comes down to what is done at home as well. If they are the youngest or the oldest.... what do their moms do with them? It's just getting you prepared for your own little 3 yr old! You are great for handling everyone else's kids- that's more than I would have patience for! Remember that their fine motor skills are not there yet- typically they don't really develop until about 4-5 yrs. Also attention span is probably about 3-5 min then they need a change. I noticed that a lot when I taught Sunbeams- you have to have lots of SHORT activities.