Monday, August 24, 2009


OK, so I have seen a lot of people post things that their kids say on their blog and since Kiersi isn't really talking much I haven't, but this morning it was her actions that I couldn't pass putting on here. So we got out of the shower and I put her towel on and thankfully for me its that time of the month so before I even get her dressed that has to be taken care of =) so I got a tampon and Kiersi looked at me, pointed to the tampon box and crouched down and pointed, on her, where it goes!!! I couldn't believe she knew that much, kids are so dang smart!!! I guess her following me everywhere I go has taught her a little more than she needs to know!!! Maybe a little more graphic, but couldn't pass putting in on here, and since its kinda a journal for me I had to have it on!! =)


Heidi said...

LOL That's funny!

~Emily~ said...

Oh wow, that...was...a REALLY good laugh!! Haha, I've really got to meet your sweet lil girlie soon!
Has your schedule changed much now that summer has ended? Lemme know if you might wanna do something soon - & what we should do :o)