Tuesday, June 30, 2009


OK, I finally remember to put out Disneyland pictures on here!! They are kinda random and not really in order, but thats ok! I took my clogging studio,(thats why in some pictures we all have the same shirts) they performed twice, once at Disney and once at California Adventure and did an AWESOME job!!
We had sooo much fun and Kiersi was awesome, I don't think I would wanna take her again until she is older, but she was pretty good!
Kiersi's favorite was Minnie, my sister Cyndi bought her a stuffed Minnie(is that how you would put it??) and she just holds it every where, she loves it!
I don't know who took this picture of Kiersi, but I just love it, she looks so stinkin cute in it!
This is inside Minnie's house!
There was not many rides Kiersi could go on, but in California Adventure they had a little part for kids, she LOVED it!
This one she was unsure of, it went in a figure 8 and then each "ladybug" went in a circle.

This was just before the Light Parade and she was tired and getting a little fussy so I bought this succer, she LOVED it.
Look at her hand, she is saying "ok" we thought it was funny!

This was Kiersi's FAVORITE ride, she went on it probably like 10 or 12 times.
This is the California Adventure Minnie, not as cute, but we had to get a picture with her!=)
Mom and Kiersi going to watch the Fantasmic!
Devin, Kiersi, Troy and Talmage with Mickey in his house! This was while I was backstage with My studio so I didn't get to go =(
Kiersi's first ride, It's a Small World, she wouldn't look at the camera, she loved looking at all the figures.


christy said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! And Kiersi is adorable. I remember clogging in Disneyland. I sure miss dancing:(

Shanda said...

that picture of kiersi and the lollypop is SO cute!!! :)

Amber said...

Oh, I LOVE Disneyland! the pictures are way cute! I'm glad things went well.

PS, it's Minnie :)

Mike and Michelle said...

Cute. Looks like you had fun. McKay Loves Disneyland. We are going again in October.

cami said...

I totally knew how to spell Minnie, the stupid thing is all of them I did it worng, I was tired and sick of waiting for all the pictures to download=) no excuse but sounds good anyway!! =) they are all fixed now ;)