Monday, December 7, 2009

Kiersi with santa

OK, so I a lame and kinda forget to put stuff, ok and little lazy and don't want to download all my pictures. But, Saturday morning our ward had a christmas breakfast and santa was there and this year Kiersi sat on his lap without any hesitation! Last year she freaked and this year she walked right up to him. It did help that he had a whole load of candy canes he was giving and she REALLY wanted one, but anyhow here are a couple of pictures!


Mike and Michelle Ball said...

Cute! McKay was opposite. He wasn't scared of Santa at all last year and this year he didn't want to get near him!

Amber said...

My kids have ALL been afraid of Santa...til they were about 4, we'll see how Libby does this year! Actually, Bracken might actually do OK...I think he'll be hilarious!