Saturday, May 23, 2009

the zoo

Its not very often that Devin doesn't work on Saturdays so today we took the opportunity to take Kiersi to the zoo! she loves animals and had a great time! this is the girl giraffe......... This is the boy and girl, after she denied him! =) she kept rubbing her leg on his, it was pretty interesting to watch, but he gave up!
This is before, I know kinda sick, but it was really kinda funny to watch this happen, the zoo lady said that this can only happen for a girl giraffe 1 in 15 days, but as you can see in the picture above, it didn't happen =) there were TONS of people standing waiting for this to happen, but we didn't get a show! =)

closer up of them! =)
This is the giraffe that is pregnant(licking the pole), got so by the boy in the other picture =) I actually saw her belly moving, it was kinda cool!
anyway, it was fun just to spend time together, it was crowded so we didn't stay for long, but fun anyhow!

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Amber said...

nice national funny! You're lucky Kiersi is so little and you didn't have to explain anything to her, I don't think I'm ready to "go there" yet with my kids!