Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So, in my preschool I have one little girl and this is her lady bug back pack, Kiersi LOVES playing/walking around with it! so today I finally took a picture of her with it, my camera has a stupid delay so her face is kinda funny, but still cute!
It pretty much touches the floor since she is soooo little! (She is STILL only 16 pounds at 14 months old=) she is NEVER going to be able to face forward in the car!!!! =(
So, a couple weeks ago, Kiersi had diarrhea for EVER, so I finally took her to her pediatrician and he wanted to have some tests done (since she was still only that huge 16 pounds and not gaining ANYTHING), so I had to take her to primary childrens to have some blood taken and to have a stool sample tests. Lets just say the stool sample was NOT fun, her pediatrician told me to put the clear plastic wrap in her diaper to catch it, well if you have ever done this, its tough and went ALL over the place, but I did get enough! =) She was not so sure about the nurse and the needle but was pretty good, her blood was coming out SOOO SLOW which made it more hard! So, this is the "prize" she got for being a good sport! she LOVES this ducky!!
But, thankfully the tests came back negative and she is ALL better! which I am glad about! better sleep!! =)
Her new word is "ouie" (is that how it is spelled???) but surprisingly she kept the purple bandage on, she would just point to it and say ouie!
Loving her new little, ok, not so little duck!
Still being a little sad after being poked with a needle!! Thank goodness for the duck! =)


Michael, Dlaina & Ethan Lindsay said...

Love the duck, Eth has a blue one that looks kinda like that one, it's so funny what little kids get attached to! She is SO LITTLE its crazy!

Mandi said...

She is so cute and getting so big. Hope you guys are doing good. I am glad that she is feeling better.