Friday, January 30, 2009


Iv'e been tagged answer with one word, ready...set...go

1. where is your cell phone: couch
2.where is you signifianct other:sitting by me(ok thats 3, but how doyou say that in 1=
3.Your hair color:brown
4. Your mother: fantastic
5.Your father: fantastic
6. Your favorite thing:family
7.Your dream last night: none
8. Your dream/goal: more kids
9.The room your in: family room
10.Your hobby: clogging
11. Your fear: death
12.Where you want to be in 6 years: happy
13.Where were you last night: home
14. what your not: crazy=)
15. Your wish list: go to Australia
16. Love someone: yes
17. The last thing you ate: candy
18.what your wearing:jeans
19. Your tv:sylvania
20: your pet:none
21.Your computer:HP
22.Your mood:happy
23. Missing someone:um.. yes
24.Your car:Mazda3
25. Something your not wearing:shoes
26.Favorite store:too many
27. Your summer:????
28.Where did you grow up:West Bountiful
29. Favorite color:pink
30.Last time you laughed:today
31. Last time you cried:week??
32. Something your crave:icecream
33. Why you blog:talk to friends
I tag... anyone who would like to=)

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