Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, today is my 4 year anniversary! I cannot believe its been that long and at the same time I feel like I've been with Devin forever=) I am pretty lucky to have an amazing husband that works hard and to have a beautiful daughter! We are going to do something this weekend, but tonight we have to watch the season premier of our Lost show. I know, so romantic, but I teach until 7 so not much else to do, besides, its the 5th season and the 4th season ended with so many questions!=) Anywho, I am a lucky girl who has an awesome husband that loves her and works so hard for his family! (this picture is a little over a year old, but I figured this post needed a picture of me and Devin and thats one I found=)

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~Emily~ said...

TODAY is your 4-year?!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! That seems nuts! Gosh you guys still look cute as ever & how are you still such a skinny-mini! We seriously SHOULD get together soon. Not too much is new with me except I am interviewing for a job in St. George this I actually might not be in SLC for much longer; we'll see. Anyway, I'm usually pretty free so lemme know whenever would work for you and we will catch up. P.S. your daughter is ADORABLE!