Monday, June 14, 2010

I need advice/help!

OK, so I figured that since only women read these, I need HELP! I really am trying to nurse Jackson, I triedwith Kiersi but didn't produce much and am having the same problem with this one. I have tried herbs, a mothers milk tea, the prescription but nothing seems to really help. I just may not be the nursing type but I really really want to, and fomula is just expensive and I don't want to have to use it, he likes it which is awesome but I want to nurse too! So... if any of you have any thoughts on this I would love some advice.
ALSO, lately I have been getting bloked ducts, which hurt like the DICKENS! I get them on one side only and it takes everything out of me. I've tried everything I can think of. I just don't think its normal for them to come back on the same side every stinkin time! anyway it hurts and I don't know what to do. All ofthis really makes me want to stop nursing him but I am trying my best to keep it up cause I know its good for him!
Anyway, kinda a dumb post but I figured different people may have gone through the same thing and would have some help for me cause I REALLY need it!


shauna said...

I have no clue if this stuff really works because none of my kids have had a problem with nursing but the advice I've been given is to just never give formula and eventually he will get hungry enough to nurse better and your body will produce what is demanded. As he nurses more you will start to produce more. But I've never had a problem with this so....However I have had the plugged duct and the best way to get rid of it is to always start on that side. While you are sore and hurting always start on that side first when you nurse. Normally you are supposed to switch which one you start on so they balance themselves out but when one hurts it needs to be nursed first. Good luck. I love nursing but I've never had any problems with it.

Amber said...

I agree with Shauna...don't give him formula...and yes he will get hungry and yes, he'll have to work for it...remember he has to learn the whole process too. but maybe to really get your supply up maybe just try and pump and feed him from a bottle..I don't's so frustrating! We always hear about the babies that won't take a bottle...not the babies that don't like to nurse. He'll get it...don't give up.And I would say if you don't pump (or even if you do) try nursing him first EVERY time, if he is still hungry then give him the pumped milk 2nd. then at least your body is getting the message that it needs to make milk. And drink lots! and eat too!

Amber said...

hey- I'm a friend of Michelle's...maybe you remember me? I would come and stay w/her for a week or so in the summer??

I have gone though this and you know what, I say give him formula. I ended up almost starving my first 2 kids because my body just wouldn't produce milk like it should. So I say don't have a cranky baby for no reason. It isn't worth it. I PROMISE.
I hope that helps!

Mike and Michelle said...

It's hard to say for sure cause everyone and every baby is so different. I didn't have a problem nursing, but I still gave my babies formula in between feedings or if I was out somewhere and it was easier to give them a bottle. I think it's totally okay to give them formula. I'm not for making a baby go hungry, but that's my experience. Sorry, not a big help! I want to come see you by the way and your new little one!

Tara said...

Hi Cami - we were on folk dance together at BYU-I and I just saw your blog on your facebook page.

The first six weeks of nursing are not my favorite. One thing that helped me was to use a nipple shield. You can get them at Target. both of my babies had such a hard time latching on at first so it seemed like they were never getting enough and it was such a struggle.

The nipple shield helped them to latch on and it protected me when it hurt to nurse. I never had blocked ducts, but I did have problems with soreness.

The nurse recommended starting with the shield and then taking it off part way through. It definitely helps to get them started until they learn how to better latch on.

I would also pump after each feeding. Even if you are just getting a few ounces, your body is still adjusting to making more milk. That way when you do give him a bottle, it is at least breast milk and not formula.

Also, have you been to a lactation consultant? They can help a lot, too.

Good luck! Hang in there. I know it is hard.

Darin & Emily said...

I would start with the side that has the blocked duct- try nursing in different positions as well- football hold, and lying down. This changes the direction of suck. I also have had to self express in between feedings- it hurts, but it helps to massage out the clog. It's also effective in a warm shower. Also, I do it when the baby is nursing.
Cabbage leaves also are great for soreness.
If you really want to nurse- check with a lactation specialist.
Tons if water, fruits and vegetables and avoid anything that has mucho preservatives- go for whole foods. It will make a world of difference.