Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here are a couple Easter pictures, kinda random but I can't figure out how to re organize them, so enjoy!!
OK, so I turned these and they didn't turn! oh well, she loves coloring eggs!

finding eggs at gmas and gpas house!
Easter morning, looking in her basket after finding eggs!
Loving her new movies the Easter bunny(ok aunt cyndi) gave her!

coloring eggs at gmas house! she loved doing this!

So Smiths had an egg hung and yeah, do you see how much candy there was and there was only like 8 kids so nonethe less we have about 10 pounds of candy, really, we weighed it!! I am going to bottle some and save it for Halloween =)

This one is albertsons, she got maybe 20 eggs but she did love looking for eggs!

and I just threw this one in, she LOVES to sit and watch movies lately on our portable dvd player so this is her with fingers in and all. sometimes she sits on the banana chair with the movie on the preschool green chair or she will sit on the bean bag with the chair in front of her, but I loved this of her on her belly!

OK, so a little late but here are some pictures of Kiersi's and Devins's b-days! mostly Kiersi though=) This one is her helping Devin blow out his candles!
Her new scooter! grandpa Callister found this scooter at the DI for 6 bucks and we spray painted it purple, it was harley davidson with orange flames on it, not too girly! she LOVES it!

Her new cheesey smile, and the shirt aunt cyndi bought her!
Her cupcake cake, I did turn this picture but it obviously didn't turn. another cheesy smile!

I love my Kiersi and can't believe she is 2! she is a joy in our lives and is going to be such a good big sister!


Michael, Dlaina & Ethan Lindsay said...

She is so cute! I wish Eth would lie on his belly and watch shows grrr...I have to sit and watch shows with him which is ok when i wanna lay down. Holy candy good night she got hooked up!

Mike and Michelle said...

Wow, that's crazy! We really need to get together! Our kids would have so much fun playing now!