Monday, March 2, 2009


Kiersi waiting for everyone to come for cake and icecream, isn't her hair SO cute! I can finally get it up!! Also, I took Kiersi for her one year check up and at one year she is only 16 pounds! not even on the charts yet! she is just so tiny, her height is 28 inches so only about the 25%, we've got while until she can sit forward in the car thats fo sure=)
Opening presents! Kiersi LOVES ripping paper!

Giving a hug to the teddy bear Great grandma and grandpa Taylor gaver her!

Grandma and Grandpa gave her some of her FAVORITE mints, she always goes into their kitchen and signs "more" at their cubbard cause she knows the mints are in there, she is SMART!!

Loving everyone giving her attention!

This is my neice D'Laina and her son, Ethan. It is Ethan's birthday in a couple of days so D'Laina brought cake and icecream for him too! He doesn't like cameras and I guess Kiersi likes to close her eyes for pictures=)

She wasn't quite sure about eating her cake, she just kept poking at it until I picked it up and gaeve her a bite!

Blowing out the candle! well... I did!=)

Kiersi and her cake!

OK, so I'm no Betty Crocker, and I learned lessons and if I made it again it would look WAY Betty Crockerish!=) but, it did turn out cute!!

Birthday decorations!

We had probably 40-50 people in my little house for Kiersi's little party last night, it was CRAZY and HECTIC, but I am so thankful for mine and Devin's family who love and support me and my family! Thank you everyone that came and helped us celebrate Kiersi's first birthday!!!! It was awesome!


Amber said...

hope she is having a fun day...on her official birthday! It's hard to believe it's been a year! She is cute!

Michael, Dlaina & Ethan Lindsay said...

It was crazy but that's how we like it! Thanks for letting Ethan crash it and letting me bring a cake killed 2 birds with one stone! Can you believe she is one? I can't believe Ethan will be 2 CRAZY! She is so little it's nuts! Well thanks again cute pics! Too bad Eth wasn't looking in that one and that Kiersi's eyes were closed oh well!

~Emily~ said...

Good gracious, can't believe she is ONE! She looks like an absolute doll. We seriously should get together soon...I am usually free as they come, schedule-wise. I am always off work by 5 and can move my gym routines around if needs be :)